Week One: Getting My Bearings

The rush of getting engaged leaves you on cloud nine for the week. Seriously. But at the same time, you’re being inundated by the question “so what’s the date?” and “where are you having it” and (quite possibly the worst if it isn’t the case) “am I invited?”

Here is what I learned:

1. I know approximately when I’d like to get married. I’ve picked out the season, the year and set up a personal budget so I can save enough money for this giant party by then. I read somewhere, in my frantic day after “what do I do when I get engaged” internet reading, that giving an approximate time of the year is perfectly fine. That is something all women should know before they call their family and friends. Also, you can’t pick a date without knowing if your dream venue is available. Unless of course, if you have a dream date, then the venue part can be slightly pushed aside.

2. If you choose to share the news via social media (i.e. Facebook), your profile will receive a plethora of love for two or three days, then it drops off. Don’t worry, they all still love you.

3. Not asking the bridal party to be the bridal party on day one is THE BEST ADVICE I WAS EVER GIVEN. Hands down. I believe this came from a woman at my previous agency. It’s a life saver. You don’t want to be asking people to be your bridesmaids (or groomsman) only to realize you invited one too many in the spur of the moment.

4. Which brings me to my next point – because I held my tongue, now I get to propose to my bridal party! Which I will post about once I actually do it. James and I went to Michaels yesterday for me to pick up some supplies. I learned that crafts are really boring for me, and I better change my attitude, find a friend or start listening to some amazing music because crafts are going to be my life for the next 18 months.

5. You will receive a lot of information from a lot of people – venue fees, ceremony options, menus, approved vendors, etc. Create a folder on Google Drive and save all this information in here. You may also want to start some spreadsheets with guest lists, engagement party information, venue viewing dates and whatever else you can think of. Then share it with your fiance.

6. Your fiance just bought a very expensive ring and planned the proposal. Give him some time before you launch him into wedding planning. Unless you’re super excited about something. Sorry, James, I can’t help it. Even if I know your reaction will be “oh that’s nice” as you continue to watch TV or play on your iPad.

And without further adieu, I am finally posting a picture of my ring one week later.

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