Week Two: Expos and Diet Woes

Last Sunday, James and I went to our first ever wedding expo – LoveSick. The expo touted to be unlike any other wedding expo around. Given that I have absolutely nothing to compare it to, I can’t say if this is true, but there were trapeze artists, baton swirlers and a lot of women trying to get me to sign up for a boudoir book session (this is apparently a big thing! Who knew?!)

I was not impressed. Rather, I was overwhelmed. If you were looking for gluten cake, vintage wedding dresses, stationary for invites and vegan caterers, sign on up! I did glean one AMAZING idea, which I discovered I could implement for a mere $50 or so (vs. the $300+ the vendor wanted me to pay), so it didn’t go completely to waste. I also met a very nice bartender who’s mimosa gave me a headache, but I blame that on myself for drinking during the day. My “unconventional” wedding is going to have to rely on my brain and skills. Also, there is no way in hell am I going to pay $3,900 MINIMUM for a photographer.

Lesson learned: don’t go to a wedding expo hungry. It probably taints your views and when you try the only gluten free sample available (a curry macaroon), you will probably be sad.

Speaking of food, this brings me to my next wedding woe – dieting. I have to be really, really motivated to diet. I take a very long time to lose weight, because I adore cooking and baking, and quite frankly, I am not willing to give up things I love (except potato chips. There is definitely a direct correlation to potato chips and my weight).

Yesterday the dress I ordered for our New York engagement party arrived. It was a final sale item, and guess what? It wouldn’t zip in one certain area. Queue emotions. Over the last year, I’ve gained back about 5 of the 15 pounds I lost in 2011. This really isn’t a big deal – unless you’re trying to fit in a very pretty special dress. And I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have that special dress be my wedding dress so, officially, I am back to strict calorie counting, gym going and yoga classing.

Don’t worry, yesterday, I was still able to enjoy a glass of wine, a little bit of cheddar cheese and a bowl of nonfat frozen yogurt. My legs hurt from the serious elliptical session, but rest assured, I did not go deprived.

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