Week Four: Snowstorm and party prep

James and I are planning our first of two engagement parties, and the goal was that this weekend I would do most of the shopping, cooking (and freezing) and cleaning for it. Well, Mother Nature had her own plans in mind, and dumped more than two feet of snow on us. So… shopping was out, which meant cooking what I wanted to was out, which meant, plan B because I was going to be stuck in side for at least 24 hours.

That would be my car…

I revised the menu, and got to it – making mini meatballs, arancinis, mini quiches and an octopus shaped bundt cake. Oh, and I had to accommodate a gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian diet. Proud to say I managed to do so quite successfully!

Of course, all this snow has sort of made a dent in the diet. I am limited to what is in my fridge and freezer, and not  able to go to the gym or yoga (they just lifted a driving ban! not to mention neither are open). It’s a good thing I determined I could not wear my dream party dress. Otherwise, I’d be quite hangry.

Today we’re focusing on cleaning, and hopefully digging our cars out. We have some grocery shopping to do!

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