Oops – it’s been awhile

I have to admit, I took a mini blog hiatus… and a wedding planning hiatus. The end of April was a whirlwind with the Boston bombings, interviewing for a new job closer to home and time just got away from me. But I’m back! Working a mile from home, and really enjoying my new work life balance and not driving three hours a day.

So where to start…? James and I have made a to do list for us to track towards our early September date (note – still tentative, we’ll know the date for sure in a month!). We’ll be booking our venue next month, I’ll start looking at dresses soon and we have an engagement photo session to plan for (very excited for Mary Costa to take our photos!).

We are both in lose weight mode. I know I complained about this before, but I was not very serious. Why? Because I didn’t have to go try a dress on. So the first week of June I decided to give up two things: cheese and peanut butter cups. Both foods I have a complete schedule with. And three weeks later, I have to admit, I am looking slimmer, feeling better and am having an easier time with the cravings. I even have a container of peanut butter cups on my desk at work and I haven’t caved once. James did a fitness challenge at work that involved working out every day for at least 30 minutes, drinking 3 liters of water and no soda for three weeks. This is his “rest” week, or so he claims.

Hopefully next time I post I have something more concrete to share. Until then!

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