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Pinterest, Say Yes to the Dress and many other bridal websites and magazines make dress shopping nearly impossible. At least for me that is. I liked so many styles and was left completely clueless, the opposite of what I was trying to do by looking! A few months ago I fell in love with a Justin Alexander tea-length gown. It was a little above my price point, but I was enamored.

I finally found a shop that carried the dress and made a journey to Danvers, Mass. to try it on. The dress itself was gorgeous. On me it was a bit of a let down. I hated it. I ended up pulling 8 bridesmaid dresses to try on instead, the only sheath style the store carried, and the style I realized looked best on me. Bridesmaid dresses are appealing because of their price as well. I fell in love with this one.

Flash forward a couple of weeks and I decided to check out a bridal shop in Hyannis. I walked in, expecting to just see some additional dresses and try on the coveted bridesmaids dress. The shop owner listened to what I didn’t like in a dress, my vague sense of what looked good on me and got to work. She pulled many beautiful, simple dresses, and then she pulled a Casablanca. I wasn’t too sure of it. It had a shoulder, and didn’t have a sweetheart neckline. But I agreed to try it on because what’s the worse that could come of it?

This one-shouldered dress was the first I tried on and nothing compared to it. It was BEAUTIFUL on me. I was shocked. Other dresses looked amazing, and were flattering, but nothing compared to this. I kept coming back to it. It even paled in comparison to the bridesmaid dress. Without having any intention of buying a dress, I put half down. I could continue to go dress shopping (which I really dislike!). I could continue to find dresses online that were similar, and probably more expensive. Or I could stop here, with the perfect dress and move on to the next part of planning.

Now we’re waiting to hear back on the exact date that the venue is available for us, and everything will start to fall into place.

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  1. Christina Hungria

    Awesome Sara! Congrats on finding the dress. It’s so exciting when you finally get the one, lol!


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