Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Budget Breaker

I am generally good about saving money, budgeting and preventing myself from going to the mall. But there is one thing I did not factor in: online shopping.

And I definitely have a problem with it. Not a max out all your credit cards problem. But because the item isn’t tangible until it arrives (plus, who doesn’t love to receive mail?!), I never feel like I’m spending money until I see my bank statement. So I’m going to try something: no online shopping for 30 days (we’re on day 2 of 30 – woo!). And even then, the necessities will be carefully weighed.

How am I going to do it? I unsubscribed from shopping sites like Rue La La, Gilt, ModCloth and Amazon. I purchased a wallet (so I don’t have a reason to check those daily deal sites every day for the perfect one and then buy other things). I don’t need to buy anything for my wedding right now, and if I do, it will be there at the end of this.

It’s time to SAVE. And by publicizing this, I am hoping I’ll feel more motivated to stick to it.

Introducing: The Multicultural Arts Center

Remember last time I was frustrated by not being able to book a venue? Well, that’s changed! Earlier this week I went to check out the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge. Upon leaving, I called James and then proceeded to write a check. That’s right, we’ve booked the venue!

And it’s absolutely gorgeous. Marble floors, high, decorative ceiling, a breathtaking railing that surrounds the entire room. And this is just the main theater area. We also have access to two art galleries in the building, changing rooms for both the groom and bride, the hallway and a garden outside.

This has now made the wedding very real. It’s definitely a weird feeling, and I should probably enjoy it while it lasts and I move onto the next battle. In terms of a theme, we’re going for vintage inspired (and the venue is a perfect fit!), but we’re not elaborating too much because we do want some elements of surprise (plus, as I’ve learned very quickly, most people have opinions – and I’m going to do what I’m going to do – but I still love you all!).