A couple of updates

In October, after we signed our catering contract, James and I literally halted all wedding planning. It wasn’t intentional, but I will be honest, it’s intense and I am incredibly relieved that we have (had) a long engagement. But with that being said, there has inevitably been a few wedding updates to share before full fledged planning starts again in January.

1. Our engagement pictures came in! They are absolutely stunning and breathtaking. If anyone is looking for a fabulous photographer who has ties on both the east and west coast, I recommend Mary Costa. She captured our relationship so perfectly. This is one of our favorite:

You can view more at: http://marycostaphotography.com/blog/engaged-sara-james/

2. My dress came in! Alterations won’t start until the summer, but clearly I wanted to try it on beforehand. Compared to the sample dress, this one just fits so much better. And trying it on put to bed all the nightmares I had that it was black or had spikes sewn down the side (who knew I would actually dream about that!). However, the dress JUST fits. So I will definitely need to maintain my current weight (and maybe lose a pound or two).

3. James “proposed” to all of his groomsmen. If I can, I will make him post about this. If I can’t, hopefully I get around to sharing!


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