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Ceremony and reception decorations. Nowhere on this great wide internet have I found a comprehensive list of these things. Why is that?! I’m going to try and change this – with my wedding in mind (i.e. no church, or aisle runners will be had).



  • Backdrop – we’re getting married in a garden with some great structural entities already, so we are looking for a way to soften this with a backdrop of hanging flowers (see above for inspiration)
  • Aisle – I think aisle runners are hideous, but we’ll need to create this somehow and will probably do so with chairs
  • Flowers – bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets and perhaps something where we’re actually getting married!


  • Tablecloths – for dinner tables, dessert table, card/gift table, bar, buffet and high top. I highly recommend getting these from Linen Tablecloths vs. renting
  • Table runners – for the rectangle shaped tables, such as dessert and card/gift. These are still TBD but a great way to add color or texture
  • Napkins – with a great fold!
  • Centerpieces – table number, flowers and custom prohibition inspired bottles we’re making
  • Decorations for dessert table, card/gift table and bar – including flowers, card box
  • Menus – who wouldn’t want an opportunity to advertise that we’re having a taco bar!?
  • Signage – for seating arrangements, for bar, for dessert table and for card/gift table, possibly outside to “mark the spot” for the ceremony. A sign might also replace menus and will indicate food allergies across the board (our wedding is going to be allergy friendly though!)
  • “Mini” centerpieces for high top tables
  • Guestbook
  • Cake topper – TBD given that we’re going the cupcake route, but something to think about
  • Cupcake stands and platters

Other items that I won’t have but I have seen as popular decorations include:

  • Photo booth
  • Spare garter and bouquet to toss
  • Chair covers/bows/Mr. & Mrs. signage
  • Wedding favors
  • Toasting flutes
  • Fancy forks and serving utensils for the cake
  • Draping for ceiling
  • Crafts/activities for kids
  • Pew decorations
  • Candles
  • Aisle runners
  • Alter/podium
  • Framed photographs of family weddings
  • Lighting – I will have lighting, but it’s something my venue provides and not for me to worry about!
  • Utensils, glassware, dinnerware – something my caterer is handling

What else?