Suit Shopping

A few Sundays ago, James and I went suit shopping. What we thought would be an incredibly easy process turned into as complicated (and as expensive!) as my dress shopping experience.

See Suit 1. Suit 1 was chosen by a man a Men’s Wearhouse. I told him to channel his inner Nucky Thompson. He clearly failed, at least in James’ mind.












Let’s move on to Suit 2. Suit 2 we found at J. Crew. The price tag made your heart skip a few beats. It looks no different than Suit 1. But I suppose I am not well versed in suits because this was drastically different – amazing – better – the perfect suit.












You could smile once in awhile, James. It’s not like this is going to be the happiest day of your life or anything.

Suit 3 was another J. Crew. I’ll spare you of the photo because it looks like Suits 1 and 2.

Suit 4 was found at Banana Republic. A price tag not as steep as the J. Crew suit, but apparently not as acceptable. It also looks like Suits 1, 2 and 3.












After a disheartening experience – suit shopping was a lot harder than we imagined – James visited a shop in Cambridge with rave reviews – Keezers. This place was awesome, minus the fact that they didn’t have any suits in James size. Another blow. Fast forward to last weekend and James walked out of the J. Crew Ludlow Suit Shop $750 poorer, $500 over budget and channeling Nucky Thompson like it’s his job.

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