Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

I love my engagement ring. It’s different, sparkly and breaks the traditional mold of a single band with a single diamond. This however, proved to be rather difficult in finding a semi matching band.

I started the initial search at chain jewelry stores. Why? They would have an incredibly vast selection and were always open. I hated everything. Not to mention, I couldn’t justify the price for the quality! See exhibit A and exhibit B.

In fairness, it’s not all horrible, but it was not what I imagined myself to wear everyday. I came to the conclusion that I might need a custom ring which would cost thousands of dollars. There was no way that I would be able to afford that pre-wedding. It would have to wait. This conclusion shocked a few folks. But I was honestly okay with it. And then I walked into Pacheco, a local Cambridge jeweler that had multiple 5-star reviews online. I pass this shop every day on my walk to work, and literally never stepped foot inside until now.

The two clerks (one of whom I assumed to be Pacheco himself) were incredibly friendly. We initially walked in to ask about bands for James. When I mentioned my ring was difficult to find a mate for, one of the clerks looked it, said “no, that is easy!” and whipped out the PERFECT pairing. I braced myself for the ridiculous price. If chain jewelry stores had to charge a lot, this place must be expensive. I was shocked at how reasonable and affordable the piece was. When I asked about having some customizations made, I expected them to tack on at least another thousand dollars. Not the case at all.

Not to sound cheesy, but this September, James and I can actually have a ceremony with rings involved. He did not walk away so lucky, but he was dazzled by the gold bands and saddened by the more expensive price tag than the Tungsten bands. That said, we’ll be back! You can’t put a price on something you have to wear every single day for the rest of your life.

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