Wedding Thank Yous

And just like that, it’s over with. Our wedding was an incredibly special, beautiful, magical day, filled with the most amazing people and experiences. In the weeks leading up to it, I barely had time to write a blog post with all of the last minute to dos, but I am incredibly pleased to say that my DIY wedding was a huge success – thanks to an amazing crew of talented friends and family.

DIY weddings are hard. Very hard. They require more trips to the craft store than you could ever imagine possible. Home Depot becomes your home away from home. And you think about every minute detail all day long. But armed with a great tracker, run of show and organized mind – it’s completely possible and totally doable – without a wedding planner even entering the picture.

I was very proud that my wedding ran on time (unheard of), had minimal flaws (we forgot our exit music!) and that we planned for the unplanned – such as bad weather and having folks on hand to make emergency trips to Target, AC Moore and Home Depot. I cannot however, take all the credit – I had an amazing team of people who were ready to rock and roll. And so while we will post a full on wedding recap, we wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who made this even happen.

To my parents – my Dad who jumped in to save the day and was hot glue gunning in my apartment the morning of my wedding, running to Home Depot late at night, and helping plan my photo excursion a few days before. For acting as a chauffeur and making himself available whenever he was needed. To my mom who was my rock throughout this entire wedding planning process – the person I called to share my excitement, frustration or surprise with. For helping me fold numerous napkins and making those amazing tea light roses. This list could go on and on for both – and I am so thankful for their love and support throughout.

To James parents – who made our rehearsal dinner possible and supported us throughout the entire planning process. We were incredibly thankful for their generous contributions and were thrilled that they made it possible to dine at one of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge with our wedding party.

To my brother Cory – who officiated our wedding in the most perfect way possible. Preparing for an out of the box, short wedding ceremony cannot be easy – especially when the bride is someone like me! Cory not only nailed the speech – but really capture the essence of who James and I are. In addition, he made emergency trips to Target, drove my wedding party to and from our apartment to the venue, packed up my car and drove home boat loads of decorations, linens and leftover food. I suppose I will forgive him for taking my leftover pulled pork!

To Scott, Billy and Emily – for capturing our beautiful and special day on camera. We were incredibly honored that both of them were willing to be behind the camera, give direction and ensure that we’d have the best wedding photographs ever. To Scott for coming up a few days early to help me scout photo locations and plan for an unexpected 90 degree day and potential rain. To Billy and Emily for coming over to my apartment early to photograph me getting ready and incorporating Squeaky into some special shots.

To Eileen – for doing our flowers and traveling up from New York very early the morning of to set up. Everything was beautiful and you were still able to capture an outdoor garden look indoors when our plans changed.

To Kristin – my maid of honor and best friend – for giving an amazing speech, for surprising me with a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for planning a Harry Potter themed bachelorette and throwing a knock out bridal shower.

To Carly – for sacrificing a weekend during grad school to do my hair, as well as a few bridesmaids. It looked absolutely stunning and I couldn’t have asked for a better up do. Not to mention, all of the time she spent with me on trials.

To Meghann – for helping me with my makeup – and transforming me into a bride. For dancing all night long in her high heels. For being an expert infinity dress tier and a stand by Squeaky sitter.

To Julie – for having the most awesome emergency wedding kit in the world, for running to Target the morning of my wedding to buy extension cords, for corralling folks out of the venue afterwards and overall being an awesome friend who helped me plan this from the get go.

To Janie – for having the best attitude, awesome dance moves and helping to feed a houseful of crazy groomsmen. Also for going to Target the day of my wedding (I am not kidding about these emergency Target trips!).

To Matt, Dan and Mark – who were here to help with whatever we needed, support James throughout the process and spend our wedding day entertaining him while everyone else got ready. To Mark for giving the best, best man’s speech ever – according to everyone there who witnessed it.

To my sister – who didn’t complain once, even though taking 1,000 pictures and waiting to walk down the aisle is probably the most boring thing for a 9 year old!

To everyone who came – you all made it special and amazing. We were so touched by your generosity, support and love.

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you for everything!! We couldn’t have done this without all of you and are so happy with how everything came out.

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