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Engagement Photos

I last left you in August, as I attempted to not online shop. This went very well, and I saved a few hundred dollars…. until I started buying things for our engagement photo sessions (but not online!). Oops! But, now I have  makeup (did not own makeup before), a few new bangles and these AWESOME red pumps (which I successfully walked four miles in and only got one little blister).

We met our photographer (Mary Costa – you should really check her out, she’s awesome!) at Harvard Square at 7:30 am. This meant waking up at an ungodly hour to do hair, get dressed, and prep.

The session itself was a lot of fun, and Mary was great at directing us (which was very much needed given that James and I can be super awkward in photographs together!). I’m excited to share them and use a few for our save the dates (crafts project will be posted as soon as it’s revealed – so stay tuned!).

Oops – it’s been awhile

I have to admit, I took a mini blog hiatus… and a wedding planning hiatus. The end of April was a whirlwind with the Boston bombings, interviewing for a new job closer to home and time just got away from me. But I’m back! Working a mile from home, and really enjoying my new work life balance and not driving three hours a day.

So where to start…? James and I have made a to do list for us to track towards our early September date (note – still tentative, we’ll know the date for sure in a month!). We’ll be booking our venue next month, I’ll start looking at dresses soon and we have an engagement photo session to plan for (very excited for Mary Costa to take our photos!).

We are both in lose weight mode. I know I complained about this before, but I was not very serious. Why? Because I didn’t have to go try a dress on. So the first week of June I decided to give up two things: cheese and peanut butter cups. Both foods I have a complete schedule with. And three weeks later, I have to admit, I am looking slimmer, feeling better and am having an easier time with the cravings. I even have a container of peanut butter cups on my desk at work and I haven’t caved once. James did a fitness challenge at work that involved working out every day for at least 30 minutes, drinking 3 liters of water and no soda for three weeks. This is his “rest” week, or so he claims.

Hopefully next time I post I have something more concrete to share. Until then!

Engagement Party NY Style

A few weekends ago, James and I held our New York (New Jersey) Engagement party at this parent’s restaurant – Nocturne. It was so great to see everyone and celebrate! And because pictures will tell a far better story than I…

Thank You Scott Mallinger for bringing your camera! And making us all look great!



Say Yes to the… Venue

Boston Globe photo by John Tlumacki

Boston Globe photo by John Tlumacki.

James and I visited the Center of the Arts at the Armory this weekend as a potential wedding ceremony / reception venue. I’d been for events (Cupcake Camp!) before, but never saw the Armory in its full glory. Wow. We were impressed. Very impressed. The price is incredibly reasonable, comes with a lot of extras that other venues didn’t offer, and grants us use of the mezzanine in additon to the performance hall. It has the same “usage” as the EpiCenter but has a very different look and feel.

We loved that they will provide a bar tender; that they will provide us with chairs and some tables; that they have a space to get ready; that they provide audio / tech support; that you can project things on a screen that floats above the “Performance Hall area.” The list goes on and on.

It was perfect. Right now they aren’t booking as far in advance as our wedding, but we’re going to put a hold on some dates and hope for the best. James and I both left feeling incredibly inspired and giddy. I presume this is a similar feeling I will have when I find the dress.

The Armory hasn’t had a lot of private events in the past (Somerville just started allowing this), but I did come across a great collection of photographs that Ruby Shoes Photography took for a chef event that will give you an idea:

Week Two: Expos and Diet Woes

Last Sunday, James and I went to our first ever wedding expo – LoveSick. The expo touted to be unlike any other wedding expo around. Given that I have absolutely nothing to compare it to, I can’t say if this is true, but there were trapeze artists, baton swirlers and a lot of women trying to get me to sign up for a boudoir book session (this is apparently a big thing! Who knew?!)

I was not impressed. Rather, I was overwhelmed. If you were looking for gluten cake, vintage wedding dresses, stationary for invites and vegan caterers, sign on up! I did glean one AMAZING idea, which I discovered I could implement for a mere $50 or so (vs. the $300+ the vendor wanted me to pay), so it didn’t go completely to waste. I also met a very nice bartender who’s mimosa gave me a headache, but I blame that on myself for drinking during the day. My “unconventional” wedding is going to have to rely on my brain and skills. Also, there is no way in hell am I going to pay $3,900 MINIMUM for a photographer.

Lesson learned: don’t go to a wedding expo hungry. It probably taints your views and when you try the only gluten free sample available (a curry macaroon), you will probably be sad.

Speaking of food, this brings me to my next wedding woe – dieting. I have to be really, really motivated to diet. I take a very long time to lose weight, because I adore cooking and baking, and quite frankly, I am not willing to give up things I love (except potato chips. There is definitely a direct correlation to potato chips and my weight).

Yesterday the dress I ordered for our New York engagement party arrived. It was a final sale item, and guess what? It wouldn’t zip in one certain area. Queue emotions. Over the last year, I’ve gained back about 5 of the 15 pounds I lost in 2011. This really isn’t a big deal – unless you’re trying to fit in a very pretty special dress. And I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have that special dress be my wedding dress so, officially, I am back to strict calorie counting, gym going and yoga classing.

Don’t worry, yesterday, I was still able to enjoy a glass of wine, a little bit of cheddar cheese and a bowl of nonfat frozen yogurt. My legs hurt from the serious elliptical session, but rest assured, I did not go deprived.