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The Bridesmaid Proposal

When I was growing up, I loved crafts. I loved to paint, draw, create. As an adult, I despise crafts, unless you count cooking or baking as a craft. I’m aware, a DIY wedding will mean I need to embrace my inner craftiness. And so with that said, I reveal to you my first craft project – the bridesmaid proposal. And it only took me 11 months to make all four!

I didn’t want my bridesmaid proposal to be ordinary. I didn’t want to give a ring pop, or a custom label on a bottle of wine. And so it dawned on me, nearly 11 months ago, to create flashcards of our friendship. The front would have a month and year, the back, a fact about our friendship. The last card would have the month and year of the “bridesmaid proposal.” And what better vehicle to carry these cards than a pencil box?

In addition to the card, I filled the box with trinkets including a mini bottle of champagne, a notebook and pen, gum and candy.