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Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Can you believe it? A year ago yesterday, James proposed. We sprang into action to plan engagement parties, spread the word and my secret wedding Pinterest board actually became legit (but still secret). Now that our venue and caterer are booked, the dress purchased and a general look and feel established, it’s time to get our hands dirty.

As you may have seen from this post, crafts aren’t my thing. Let me clarify – repetitive crafts aren’t my thing. I’m an artistic person. I’m creative. So when I have to do something more than once, it feels like creativity is being wasted. I become impatient. It’s not pretty.

But when I saw a tutorial for a flameless rose candles, I knew I had to put aside my impatience for the wedding. I invited one of my bridesmaids over and we got to work. For the complete tutorial, please check out Smart School House.


  • Flameless tea lights (Christmas tree shop sells 12 for $5)
  • Fabric rose petals (better selection at Michael’s than AC Moore)
  • A glue gun
  • Plastic spoons with the end snapped/cut off


  1. Plug in glue gun. Let that heat up!
  2. Meanwhile, cut off the handle of plastic spoons. I used heavy duty kitchen shears, and cut off a box of 48 to make six tea lights
  3. On the back of the spoon, cover with a thin layer of hot glue (about 2/3 of the spoon should be covered with the bottom 1/3 left glueless)
  4. Stick a rose petal on the spoon, with the pointier end facing down.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 seven more times
  6. Glue the rose petal spoon contraption to the tea light. Check out the tutorial for this. But you should glue four spoons directly across from one another. Then glue the remaining four spoons between the first layer. Between each gluing, hold in place until dry
  7. Once all of the spoons are on, glue petals on the bottom

And I must say, I absolutely loved the way they came out! This ended up being a fairly easy craft with enough steps to keep my distracted. Plus, we only did six. I’ll continue to make these in the next few months and could see this as a good project to do during a movie.

Better yet, do this in the afternoon/evening so you can see the rose come to life once turned on.