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Introducing: The Multicultural Arts Center

Remember last time I was frustrated by not being able to book a venue? Well, that’s changed! Earlier this week I went to check out the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge. Upon leaving, I called James and then proceeded to write a check. That’s right, we’ve booked the venue!

And it’s absolutely gorgeous. Marble floors, high, decorative ceiling, a breathtaking railing that surrounds the entire room. And this is just the main theater area. We also have access to two art galleries in the building, changing rooms for both the groom and bride, the hallway and a garden outside.

This has now made the wedding very real. It’s definitely a weird feeling, and I should probably enjoy it while it lasts and I move onto the next battle. In terms of a theme, we’re going for vintage inspired (and the venue is a perfect fit!), but we’re not elaborating too much because we do want some elements of surprise (plus, as I’ve learned very quickly, most people have opinions – and I’m going to do what I’m going to do – but I still love you all!).

Venue Frustrations, Etc.

It’s time to book our venue. In fact, the venue we ultimately decided to go with (and put soft holds on dates with), told us in June to contact them in July to book. Well, James has been contacting them repeatedly in July (again, by their request), and they aren’t answering us! We both have little tolerance for this. As a result, I will be checking out a new venue in Cambridge this week.

Has anyone else experienced this before? Working in client services, and sometimes in event planning, I know that there is a small threshold of time that you must respond to your client. I would accept the event coordinator being on vacation, but at least have an out of office turned on in your email!

Hopefully by next week we will have a venue booked, a date in place and can start working on a realistic timeline (sure I might have bought my dress early, but that’s the only thing I didn’t wait on!).

In other news, James and I have adopted a guinea pig. Her name is Squeaky and she’s very sweet.

Don’t worry, she won’t be part of the wedding.

Say Yes to the… Venue

Boston Globe photo by John Tlumacki

Boston Globe photo by John Tlumacki.

James and I visited the Center of the Arts at the Armory this weekend as a potential wedding ceremony / reception venue. I’d been for events (Cupcake Camp!) before, but never saw the Armory in its full glory. Wow. We were impressed. Very impressed. The price is incredibly reasonable, comes with a lot of extras that other venues didn’t offer, and grants us use of the mezzanine in additon to the performance hall. It has the same “usage” as the EpiCenter but has a very different look and feel.

We loved that they will provide a bar tender; that they will provide us with chairs and some tables; that they have a space to get ready; that they provide audio / tech support; that you can project things on a screen that floats above the “Performance Hall area.” The list goes on and on.

It was perfect. Right now they aren’t booking as far in advance as our wedding, but we’re going to put a hold on some dates and hope for the best. James and I both left feeling incredibly inspired and giddy. I presume this is a similar feeling I will have when I find the dress.

The Armory hasn’t had a lot of private events in the past (Somerville just started allowing this), but I did come across a great collection of photographs that Ruby Shoes Photography took for a chef event that will give you an idea: http://www.rubyshoesphotography.com/2010/03/18/future-chefs-awards-dinner-2010-arts-at-the-armory/

Week 3: First Venue, Continued Diet Woes and Revelations

Dieting. Not my favorite thing. After a very aggressive target of five pounds in five weeks, I tried my party dress midway through. Guess what? Not an issue of back fat. An issue of my rib cage. That’s right, no matter how much weight I lose, this dress will never fit because my rib cage simply won’t allow it to. Upon this revelation, I immediately altered my diet to lose a comfortable 1/4 – 1/2 pound per week. And I have plenty of time to drop the fiver now while enjoying things such as Flatbread Pizza’s gluten free pie, ice cream and honey in my coffee.

Take that diet.

In other news, we looked at our first venue today: The Waterworks Museum. Oh, my, goodness. It’s so absolutely breath taking and everything we want in a venue. Of course, it’s still very early in the game, and we have a few more places to check out before making any final decisions (or deposits!), but it rates very highly.

Here’s a peek at the inside – courtesy of the Waterworks Museum: